Technical Tuesday – WordPress Advantages

Every Tuesday I like to provide my readers updates of the latest technology or apps I use to help me in my personal and business life.

One obvious one is the one I use to write my posts, WordPress! I was introduced to WordPress by a friend and absolutely loved it from the beginning. I started with the free version and as my blog gained traction I upgraded to the paid version and haven’t looked back!

I have tried a few different platforms over the years and website builders, but I keep coming back to Worpress.

I love WordPress for its simplicity and flexibility. The dashboard page is conveniently set out in a menu format so you can easily access the part of WordPress you would like. You can add commerce sites, blogs, advertising, format mailing lists and have your followers subscribe to your blog so they don’t miss out on updates. Photographs and videos are easily uploaded and you can add hashtags and captions to help your content be found on the internet.

Some of the add on and plugs in available are :

Canva – for all your graphic design needs.

Social media connection to all your social media sites

SMS marketing campaigns

Bookkeeping programs such as Quickbooks

CRM and sales tracking programs

E-commerce websites to sell your physical products

Advertising and marketing tools

You can also import content from other sites such as Blogger, Wix and Squarespace. The list and variety available through WordPress is amazing and impressive. You can customise your site using premade templates or start from scratch to add your personal touch. You can add projects to keep track of what you are working on and update your subscribers on your progress.

Overall WordPress is great for the beginner to the experienced blogger. You can also connect with other bloggers through the Reader section and comment on their blogs. Readers can like and comment on your content too. WordPress has a really good statistics sections which keeps track of who visits your site, from where and when. Its a great tool for formulating marketing content.

I definitely will be keeping with WordPress for a long time to come and I still have many features to explore.

What are your favourite blogging sites. Let me know below.

Thank you as always for reading my blog posts.


Snap! It’s Tech Tuesday!

Ever taken a bunch of photos and thought they looked great while you were taking them only to look back and realise they are too bright or dark or not centred. Maybe there is something in the background you wish you hadn’t captured!

I found a great App called Snapseed.

Snapseed App

It’s a one stop shop to help you fix your photos. You can adjust things like the light balance, shadows, brilliance, enhance or blur parts of the photo. As well as crop or adjust the perspective of the photo. And that’s just to name a few! There are also filters and automatic settings you can use to adjust your photo!

Before Snapseed adjustments
After Snapseed adjustment.

In the above photos I was able to add more light into the photo and bring attention to the hat in the centre.

Before Snapseed adjustments

You can add text and do so many things. You can save a copy of the photo so the original is saved without alterations should you need to go back to the original.

After Snapseed adjustments

All the different options are presented in a dashboard sequence so that you don’t have to access a tonne of menus to get to your option.

It has both free and paid versions. Obviously with the paid version you have more options, but in my opinion it’s worth the money.

Well thank you again for reading my blog post. Hope this app is useful to you! You can download it either from your Apple or Google play store.


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