It’s been a while……why I haven’t posted in my blog lately.

I actually can’t remember when I wrote my last post! It’s been one heck of a year so far. So many sad and distressing things are happening around the world it dashes your hope in humanity, add to the the bustle of everyday life and things get ahead of you.

I have a ton of recipes I want to share with you. Perfect for the start of the school holidays. I have started a new crochet project. Something exciting. I have a sneak preview below. I will document it as I go along.

I want to thank you all for reading and liking my posts. It’s been a tremendous inspiration for me, especially on my most difficult days. Hopefully it won’t be too long between posts from now on!

New baby blanket project

I have designed a blanket for a customer inspired by the Peoples blanket designed by Catherine Crochets. It’s something I haven’t done before but am excited to learn how to do. Can’t wait to show you the finished blanket.

Thank you so much again everyone. Have a wonderful day!


Monday motivation – but first coffee!

Well here we are the beginning of the working week for most and for some the start of the new working year.

Usually it’s when we make a whole bunch of promises to ourselves to be more productive, to eat better and to exercise more. All goes good the first week and then slowly, slowly we fall back into the same pattern.

How do you keep the momentum going when it all seems all to much? First of all you need an end goal, a finish line in the distance. You need to visualise what you want the end result to be, without this you won’t be able to work out the path to get there.

Once you do this, work out how you are going to achieve your goal and keep motivated. What works for you. One thing that works for me is to do weekly checks to see if I am on track. Don’t worry if you have fallen off the path it will happen, get right back to it otherwise you will let it go.

One obstacle I often face is the worry of not getting enough support or feeling like I am in this alone. This is enough for me to let everything go. What I am learnt is that I can be my own support. My own cheerleader. You don’t need anyones encouragement or approval to keep going. You just have to have faith in yourself. Prove it to yourself you can do this!

Make sure to reward yourself when you reach your goal or goals along the way. Be kind to yourself and allowing yourself to celebrate a victory no matter how big or small it is will give you the encouragement to keep going.

Make Monday your best day. The start of something good and exciting. And if all else fails there is always coffee. Coffee solves everything.

Thank you for reading as always. Have a wonderful week ahead.


Monday Motivation!

Do what you Can!

In today’s world there is so much going on. We feel pressured to be everywhere and be everything to everyone. I am guilty of this, feeling like I always have to be on top of things and do everything everyone wants otherwise I am not worthy of them.

The truth is, as humans, that is basically impossible. You cannot do everything, you will not ever please everyone. In this I have learnt to do what I can, with what I have. If someone is not pleased, well that someone needs to look at themselves because I did that best that I could with the resources I had.

See the source image

Getting older has helped me develop this strategy. It’s true as you get older you basically wont give a….. Well you know how that saying goes.

Life shapes and moulds you, sometimes into ways you don’t want to be. You have to believe in yourself and be confident that you did the best you could. Its only when we are truly happy with ourselves that we can be truly free of the emotional chains others put on us.

I hope you all have a fabulous week and that it brings you all good things. Thank you again for reading my posts.


A bit late in the day… but it’s still Monday!

Lately I have been running late for everything including my usual Monday motivation post!

But truth be told I am exhausted! There is so much to keep up with I don’t always have the strength.

We are on day 2 of a two week lockdown due to COVID. It’s sad we are having to do this again but I feel it’s absolutely necessary in order for us to curb this horrible virus.

Unfortunately for us it’s the Delta strain snaking it’s way through our major cities. Thankfully our government have taken swift action and locked everything down.

Hopefully it helps and there is hope our cases will go down. Sometimes that’s all we have is hope.

Hope everyone takes care and that we all get back to a normal life soon. Until then, Stay strong.

Thank you again for reading my posts.


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