Monday motivation…..

How many of you like to do craft projects? And how many of you have a tonne of projects on the go! Me! Me! I guess it’s a crafter’s curse. No sooner do you start one project that your eyes and mind start to wander to the next and then the next! So this weekendContinue reading “Monday motivation…..”

New catalogue starts tomorrow! Big savings! I am so excited the new Nutrimetics catalogue starts tomorrow! It is full of great savings! And as we are going into autumn and winter here in Australia now is the time to invest in great skincare to have your skin ready for the unpredictable Australian weather! You can subscribe today and receive aContinue reading “New catalogue starts tomorrow! Big savings!”

Nutrimetics Mud Mask This mask is perfect if you have oily skin. It draws out all the impurities leaving your skin feeling fresh. It’s natural ingredients help calm your skin. I truly love using the Nutrimetics products. Today I received the beautiful Apricot cream which I will talk about in another post. The mud mask is onContinue reading “Nutrimetics Mud Mask”

Custom made Timber Colonial French Doors One thing I truly love is the warmth and elegance of timber. These custom made colonial French doors from Windview Australia make a valuable addition to your home. Timber is versatile and can be transformed in so many different ways. Paint it with a variety of colours to match your decor or leave itContinue reading “Custom made Timber Colonial French Doors”

Amazing views and gorgeous designs! That’s what Windview Australia are known for! Each window they design and fabricate is made with the customer in mind ensuring you get the maximum advantage of having a beautiful window to make a statement in your home. The 400 Narrowline Corner Glaze window gives you maximum views with minimal hardware. With an arrayContinue reading “Amazing views and gorgeous designs!”

Quality window and door manufacturer Are you looking for good quality windows and doors. Give Windview Australia a call. With years of experience they will provide you with quality products made with exceptional workmanship along with good old fashioned customer service. Being a family company they can take the time to talk to you and work with you toContinue reading “Quality window and door manufacturer”

Energy Efficient Aluminium Windows Did you know if your windows do not have energy efficient features you are paying more than you should in heating costs. Talk to Windview Australia today to find out how you can upgrade your windows and save money on energy costs. Visit their website today for more details. Windview Australia

Windview Australia Aluminium Windows and Doors Finding good quality and value for money is not easy these days. With everything made and imported from overseas we do not get a choice when it comes to quality control and assurance. That’s why companies like Windview Australia source their materials from Australian suppliers, who know our harsh environment and comply to AustralianContinue reading “Windview Australia Aluminium Windows and Doors”

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