Waffles and Fruit Breakfast

Feeding the kids on school holidays can be horrendous. Who doesn’t like this and who doesn’t like that. Cocco Pops were so last week. I like to keep staples like premade pancakes, piklets and waffles. Although they are not the healthiest choice they are a crowd favourite. Pair it with their favourite fruits and youContinue reading “Waffles and Fruit Breakfast”

Glutenfree Vegetarian Wrap

http://www.instagram.com/p/B67FtQ4Bmcc/ A quick and healthy lunch idea, that is gluten and lactose free. Gluten Free Vegetarian wrap 15 min prep 5 min cooking 1 serving total 254g weight 347 cals/serving – 5 ingredients – 1 tortilla Gluten free tortillas by Mission 50g Mild & tender baby leaf spinach by Woolworths 1/2 avocadoes, hass Hass avocadoContinue reading “Glutenfree Vegetarian Wrap”

Light and Easy Lunch Idea

http://www.instagram.com/p/B610QljhvY_/ After a couple of weeks of really over doing it. Indulging in all sorts of cakes, pastries, chocolates, Italian food, more Italian food. My stomach is seriously protesting! Time to put the indulgence aside for the next holiday season! That’s if you can ignore the chocolate chip hot cross buns retailers have decided toContinue reading “Light and Easy Lunch Idea”

BBQ Chicken Drumsticks and Wings and Baked Potato Dinner

Winter is well and truly upon us! Keeping warm is essential and that includes eating a hearty dinner. This recipe will suit everyone in the family including those with gluten and lactose allergies and the fussy eaters. It is easy to prepare and while its baking in the oven you have plenty of time toContinue reading “BBQ Chicken Drumsticks and Wings and Baked Potato Dinner”

Chicken and vegetable Paella

Being gluten intolerant it is always a challenge to find interesting and tasty food to eat. Rice has been a staple in our diet and as my family seems to be getting sick of stir fries, I though I would try something different. I had always wanted to make paella, especially. I love the colours,Continue reading “Chicken and vegetable Paella”

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