Simple dinners are the best!

Some nights you just don’t feel like cooking. Especially on a Saturday night. Also if you have dietary requirements such as gluten and lactose free. It just becomes too much. San Remo have brought out a really great range of gluten free pastas to suit your needs. From Pene to spirals and lasgna sheets. YouContinue reading “Simple dinners are the best!”

One Pan Meal – Save time and washing up! Checkout my latest Instagram post. Last night for dinner I made chicken drumsticks with string beans and tomato salsa. All gently cooked in my sauté pan! I got this pan from Woolworths. It’s the best $30 I have ever spent.

Gluten-free Egg and Avocado wrap Today it’s pouring down rain. Which is fantastic because god knows we needed it. Days like this call for hearty foods! Check out my latest lunch or Sunday brunch idea on Instagram. Quick to make and full of nutritious ingredients. Best of all it’s very filling so hopefully I can keep away from theContinue reading “Gluten-free Egg and Avocado wrap”

Crumbed Chicken and Hawian Salad bowl A refreshing salad that is quick to make and perfect for those hot summer days. Crumbed Chicken Hawian Salad Bowl 5 min prep 1 min cooking 1 serving total 596g weight 192 cals/serving – 8 ingredients – 1/2 cup chopped raws Vegetables tomatoes grape by Freshdirect 1 medium Vegetables cucumbers mini seedless by FreshdirectContinue reading “Crumbed Chicken and Hawian Salad bowl”

Chicken Salad Bowl Leftovers make great salads! Last night I made grilled chicken and some potato salad. The left overs I used in a salad bowl with mixed lettuce leaves, cucumber and tomatoes. Very filling and ok apart from the potato salad it’s very nutritious. Follow through to my Instagram link for more details. (Link above) WishingContinue reading “Chicken Salad Bowl”

Grilled Chicken with Avocado and Salad Sometimes it’s so hard to workout what ti have for dinner. Working long days or studying sometimes we are too tired to even think about cooking. Take away food become our go to choice. This not only impacts your wallet but has a tremendous impact on your health! I am a big fan ofContinue reading “Grilled Chicken with Avocado and Salad”

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