Paper Doll Crochet Blanket Pattern-Designed by Catherine Crochets Take a look at my latest Tiktok video on a pattern testing I have finished for crochet designer. Catherine Crochets.

Wednesday work in progress…..

I am working on this gorgeous design by Catherine Crochets. It’s a beautiful design which brings you back to your childhood days of sitting on the floor and cutting out paper dolls out of paper. The pattern will be out soon. I will put more photos up as I complete the pattern. Take a lookContinue reading “Wednesday work in progress…..”

This week at Vickys Handcrafted Design Headquarters…….

It’s been an exciting week here at Vickys Handcrafted Designs. I have launched a new newborn gift pack full of beautiful handmade products. Included in the pack is the gorgeous Bijou blanket I have been working on. The pattern was designed by Stitched up Craft. I have made a few of her designs and absolutelyContinue reading “This week at Vickys Handcrafted Design Headquarters…….”

Nearly there! Take a look at the latest pattern testing I am doing!

I really love pattern testing for designers. I learn so many new skills and meet the most amazing people through it. I recently finished the Star Blanket by Jean Harrison. She is a new designer with amazing ideas in picture blankets. It’s been fun crocheting this blanket and I have learnt some amazing new skillsContinue reading “Nearly there! Take a look at the latest pattern testing I am doing!”

The benefits of buying handmade/handcrafted products

A beautiful selection of handcrafted products made by artisans and designers.

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