Paper Doll Crochet Blanket Pattern-Designed by Catherine Crochets Take a look at my latest Tiktok video on a pattern testing I have finished for crochet designer. Catherine Crochets.

Nearly there! Take a look at the latest pattern testing I am doing!

I really love pattern testing for designers. I learn so many new skills and meet the most amazing people through it. I recently finished the Star Blanket by Jean Harrison. She is a new designer with amazing ideas in picture blankets. It’s been fun crocheting this blanket and I have learnt some amazing new skillsContinue reading “Nearly there! Take a look at the latest pattern testing I am doing!”

Wednesday work in progress

Otherwise known as hump day! Well here we are in the middle of the week again. The hard part is over and Friday is just around the corner. It’s been a hectic week but I have been lucky enough to be able to work on my #spinyourgrannysquareblanket Take a look at my Instagram post forContinue reading “Wednesday work in progress”

Throwback Thursday!…..

Can’t believe we are at the tail end of the working week again! And what an interesting week it’s been! My work on the Aster Crochet Rug was featured in an Instagram post by Crochet 1 magazine! What an honour to be featured. I was so excited! Thank you Crochet 1 magazine! Checkout my InstagramContinue reading “Throwback Thursday!…..”

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