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A few months ago, I actually cannot remember when! I started a gorgeous crochet sunflower blanket designed by Amy Solovay. I had searched the internet to find a sunflower blanket pattern for my daughter. Amy’s pattern was perfect. It was simplistic yet detailed. The 3D effect gave the square an additional element of intrigue. I had many questions of “how did you make the square like that”.

Though many patterns came close, they lacked the design style that Amy’s pattern had. They had too many steps or to complicated to achieve the flower look. The beauty about Amy’s pattern is that you could crochet as many or as little squares that you wanted. You could make a blanket, a pillow, a handbag or even place mats or coasters. The pattern is centered on making one square so that you can adapt it to what ever you want. I will be making some place mats and coasters as well to go along with this housewarming gift for my daughter.

And now finally I am at the stage or joining the squares and watching the blanket take shape! I can’t wait to finish this blanket, its going to be so beautiful. A field of sunflowers set in a beautiful crisp white cotton. I used Four seasons Brighton for this blanket as I found it was the perfect combination of softness and sturdy enough to hold the stitches.

I will put the link to Amy’s pattern below as I have been asked many times for the pattern. Thank you for following along on this journey with me. Catch up with you all next time.


Pattern designed by: Amy Solovay available at: http://knittingandcrochet.net

My week so far…..

This week has passed by in such a blur! Don’t know where May went but here we are the first week in June.

On the bright side I did manage to do some crochet work. Below are photos with some of the projects I worked on this week.

Project 1: The Aster Chunky Crochet Rug – Pattern by Stitchedupcraft. You can find Kylie from Stitchedupcraft on Instagram. She is a very talented designer and her patterns are so easy to follow and look amazing when finished. The great think about her patterns are that you can customise them to suit your style and colour preferences. There is so much room to add your creative flair to them. This is the 3rd pattern I have made from Kylie’s designs. I have a couple more lined up which I will feature when I finish them.

The second lot of work is from the Art of Crochet series. These squares are from series 2. I have worked on both series 1 and 2 but I have to say the style of the squares and colours used on series too are amazing. Hoping to finish this by the end of the year. I am half way through now.

Well thank you for reading if you got this far. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. I will post updates of my work as I go along.

Vicky 🌻

The Aster Chunky Crochet Rug – pattern designed by: Stitchedupcraft

Links to my page on Instagram which has all the description details of these designs


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