Another lockdown……Another work from home day!

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Again we are in another lockdown, stressful but necessary. Many of us are able to take our jobs home and work from our home offices or dining tables.

Lucky for us there is an abundance of technology to make our lives so much easier to communicate with customers, suppliers and fellow employees.

One of my favourite apps to use is Slack. Its easy to install on your computer and makes messaging with your co-workers effortless.

You can set up projects within the app and communicate within that particular project adding only the people involved so that your communications don’t get muddled up, which can often happen when writing emails back and forth.

You can have several separate conversations regarding different matters or include everyone in the one conversation if need be. You can share updates and other information to make project management and other work related matters run more smoothly.

Its definitely a favourite of mine and saves me so much time sifting through emails to find the right one to respond to. Check out the app in the Apple or Google play store. It downloads easily to your mobile or mobile tablet too. That way you can keep the communication going where ever you are. You can also create an account and link your devices. All in all its one awesome App.

Thank you again for reading my posts. I will highlight another of my favourite apps next Tuesday


Need somewhere handy to store your notes?

Read about a great App I use to keep all my notes organised! Best of all its free!

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You know the struggle, you have to remember something or someone gives you information and you are running around looking for pen and paper to write it on!

Thats me most of the time! And most of the time I throw my arms up in fustration as despite me having a million pens and scraps of paper, I can never find one in that moment.

I discovered the notes app that comes with Iphone and it is brilliant! Not only can you type notes and lists on there. You can copy links, pictures and so much more! I save hashtags and copy and paste to my instagram whenever I need to and also my favourite recipes!

The great thing about it too is you can link it to your ICloud and also a gmail account so you can access the same notes from different devices. You can also create folders to house different notes you need access for all the time, such as contacts, recipes, instructions and so much more.

Overall its one of the best Apps I have used so far and believe me I have tried all sorts of note taking Apps, this by far exceeds my expectations!

So next time you a scrolling through your phone take a look and see if you have this App, it truly is a game changer!

Thank you for reading and I wish you all a wonderful week.

Next week I will talk about an easy to do list App I came across! Stay tuned.


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