Throwback Thursday…….

An easy to follow gluten and dairy free lasagna recipe

Thrifty Thursday….. tips on how to save money around your home

A thirty idea to use left over chips instead of throwing them out.

Its been an exciting week so far! And its only Wednesday – Let me tell you all about it!

a progress report of my week so far

It’s a Hit! Aldi’s Has No Gluten Range

I have been trialling Aldi’s Has No Gluten Range. I have made their Tiger bread mix. I really didn’t like the taste and texture of this one. Next I made the carrot cake mix! This one is a winner! Great tasting and texture. This weekend I made their Chocolate Mousse cake from the range! Amazing!Continue reading “It’s a Hit! Aldi’s Has No Gluten Range”

Nutrimetics Mud Mask This mask is perfect if you have oily skin. It draws out all the impurities leaving your skin feeling fresh. It’s natural ingredients help calm your skin. I truly love using the Nutrimetics products. Today I received the beautiful Apricot cream which I will talk about in another post. The mud mask is onContinue reading “Nutrimetics Mud Mask”

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