New label design

I am excited to be receiving my new labels designed by Maria’s Designer Creations I absolutely love them. They look amazing next to the soft and yarn! The range is available in my Etsy store Vickys Handcrafted Designs I like to use natural materials such as cotton and bamboo. My range of scrubbies and facewashersContinue reading “New label design”

Rosie the Bear

Introducing my latest project. Rosie the crochet bear. Made in a mixture of acrylic and wool with safety eyes. Makes a perfect gift for a baby girl or for a nursery. Available in my Etsy store now. Excited to share this item from my #etsy shop: Rosie the Bear #bear #babytoys #wool #decor #nursery reading “Rosie the Bear”

The Art of Crochet

A wonderful series to teach you the relaxing and rewarding art of crochet. I was always interested in crocheting but thought I would never learn. My poor mum tried to teach me to no avail. One day I was walking past the news agency and noticed this series so I thought why not , IContinue reading “The Art of Crochet”

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