Finally its Friday!

This week has just dragged on…..or is it just me? It’s been a week of wins and loses, surprises and well not so surprises. I haven’t had a mixed bag of a week like this in a long time. One thing its taught me though is not to give in so quickly to my emotions. Sometimes without realising it we are giving people confusing signals. Life changes so fast they have no idea if we are happy, sad, mad, glad. So note to myself, must have poker face on at all times and quietly implode internally!

On the winning side of things, featured my photograph of the Aster Chunky Crochet Rug I am working on. I was so excited to be scrolling down my Insta feed and see my photo on their timeline! This has never actually happened to me before! Well that I can remember anyway! It restored my faith in my achievements and told me yes I can do it and why not should I be able too! Always have faith as you never know when your next big break will be!

Aster Chunky Rug – Pattern Designed by: Stitchedupcraft

This also counts for the surprise side of things! As for the negative side of things well who wants to dwell on that! Not me! Instead lets talk about the cute Alpaca amigurumi set I am crocheting at the moment!

Pattern by : Lucy Collins

Aren’t they adorable! I am hoping to finish this up by the weekend, well at least one of them anyway! Details of the yarn I used and where the pattern is from can be found in my Instagram post. . The pattern is designed by Lucy Collins and featured in the book Quick and Easy Crochet. This book is available from

There are a few other projects I am working on at the moment and I will tell about those as I make progress. I do sell a lot of the work I do and I also take custom orders. So if there is anything that catches your eye, send me a message on and I can get back to you about the details.

Thank you once again for taking the time to read my blog post. Have a wonderful weekend.


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