Who says you can’t have a toasted sandwich for dinner!

Especially when it involves cheese.

Grilled chicken and cheese sandwich

Today has been an extremely long day, so when it came to dinner everyone was hungry but they weren’t hungry if you know what I mean.

A mum’s nightmare! What are you going to feed a bunch of hungry people who aren’t hungry but they are!

I figured I can’t go wrong with grilled cheese and a George Foreman grill.

I sliced some potatoes very thinly and sauted them in a pan with some plant based margerine, I sprinkled some salt and oregano to add flavour.

In another pan I stir fried some sliced chicken tenders in the plant based butter with some salt and tarragon.

When all cooked I buttered the outside of some gluten free bread. I like the Helga’s brand. Fire up the George Foreman grill and buttered the inside of the bread as well. Sprinkle with tarragon on both sides. Layer the chicken, sliced potatoes, put some bbq sauce and mustard and layer a piece of lactose free cheese on top. I use the Liddells brand sliced Colby cheese.

Grill until cheese is melted and enjoy.

Worked out well family is fed and the washing up is minimal. Not a bad ending to an exhausting day.

Sandwich ingredients

250 g organic chicken tenderloins

5 medium potatoes




4 x cheese slices lactose free

8 slices of gluten free bread

Plant based butter

BBQ sauce


Brands used

Liddells lactose free

Helga’s bread

Macros organic chicken

Heinz sauces

Masterfood herbs

Nutlex plant based range

Saxa table salt

Purchased from Woolworths

Happy eating 🥗

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