Tis the season to indulge…..

And then regret it!

Orange chicken salad

I put together a recipe for a healthy summer salad to help detox us out of all the holiday indulgence.

Hope you like it.

Orange Chicken Salad

10 min prep

10 min cooking

1 serving total

– weight

265 cals/serving

– 7 ingredients –

50g Chicken breast grilled

2 tsp Grapeseed oil

1 tsp Tarragon Leaves

100g Red leaf mixed salad by Woolworths

1/2 cups Organics cherry tomatoes by Melissa’s

1 small (2-3/8″ dia) Oranges raw

1 tbsp Vinegar balsamic

– steps –

1) cut chicken into thin slices. Brush with oil and tarragon. Grill until cooked through. Set aside.

2) Wash salad mix and tomatoes, Pat with paper towel to dry. Assemble on a flat plate.

3) Splice chicken and sprinkle it over the salad.

4) Peel orange. Squeeze some juice over the chicken and salad. Cut into thin slices and add to salad.

5) Add salt and pepper to taste, Drizzle oil and vinegar over salad. Sprinkle extra tarragon. Serve

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