One month down!….11 to go!

Well I can’t believe January is over all ready! It has been an amazing month! And a breakthrough month for me as I slowly began putting my goals into action.

When I set out in my crochet journey, I simply took up the craft to make money. I was a stay at home mum and with young children at the time working full time was out of reach and finding part time work proved to be more elusive than finding the lost city of Atlantis! 

My mum tried to teach me to crochet as a teen, needless to say my foray as a student crocheter proved to be a disaster! I could not understand how by using a curved hook and a ball of crocheting thread I would somehow be able to make a vast array of intricate shapes and eventually resulting in a doily or blanket or whatever! Fast forward 22 years later, yes 22 years you read it right! I had to make a quick decision! What can I do from home that’s cost effective and I can make money out of it! Then it dawned on me! I would teach myself to crochet! All I needed was a crochet hook and a ball of yarn! How easy is that. Well this time around fortunately for me I managed to learn. I bought a series call The Art of Crochet. Each week I would get a new instruction book containing a ball of wool and instructions on how to crochet a granny square which would eventually be sewn into a blanket. 

Well my first few attempts were less than admirable but I persisted and somehow I managed to learn my way around.

I will discuss my journey in more detail in another post, but fast forward again to January of this year and I found myself a bit disappointed in my work. I wanted to start from the beginning and re learn everything properly again.

My sister from Cathys Crochet had decided she wanted to learn to crochet and purchased the second series of the Art of Crochet! She is amazing in few short months she was crocheting like a pro! I wish I had her talent. It was nice to see her work with each square she made.

That’s when I thought I would try with the second series myself, I did improve from the first series and I am getting better with each square I do. This in turn lead me to the YARNutopia 365 days of granny squares challenge, which my sister was doing a similar challenge but with a different series of squares. Through this series I have learnt so many techniques and I am more confident in my ability to crochet! Nadia from YARNuptopia created an amazing series of videos on YouTube showing each square in detail. I was able to follow the process easily and to my surprise crochet some decent squares.

So onto the next month now and looking forward to continuing the series, plus hopefully start on my temperature blanket. I have so many ideas swirling around in my head but only one set of hands.

Thank you everyone for following my blog and your kind comments along the way. And a special thank you to my two sisters who have given me love and support through this whole journey and believed in me when I didn’t! Thank you! ❤❤❤❤❤

Wish you all a great month ahead and thank you for reading!

Vicky 🌼

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  1. Awwww!! Thank you!! But don’t you dare underestimate yourself! You’ve made so many beautiful things and now with these squares you are making, you’re venturing out with new colours and lots of new stitches! Keep going, the more you do, the more confident you get with patterns 😁👍🏼🤗

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