YARNutopia 365 Days of Granny Squares Challenge – by Nadia Fuad – Square 25/Day 25

I love the colours in this square! With each new square I am embracing the use of colour even more. I am even learning how to match squares together with the same colour pallettes.

With this square though the first time I tried to crochet it, I was very tired! I made a huge mistake and didn’t realise until I got to the second last row as the corners I was trying to do didn’t match up!

I took it all apart and began again. Nearly making the same mistake! Lucky I realised this time and could finish the square! Moral of the story, crocheting requires you to be wide awake!

Again I followed the video tutorial by Nadia! I love her videos! They are so clear and explain everything! I just need not to be half asleep lol!

Well I am entering the last week of squares for this month! I cannot believe I have nearly completed a month of Granny Squares! I have learnt so many new things and I can’t wait until I have enough squares to start my first blanket! 

Happy crocheting!
Vicky 🌼

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