Square 24/Day 24 YARNutopia 365 Days of granny squares by Nadia Fuad

I can’t believe I am up to square 24 already! I have really been enjoying completing this challenge. I have learnt so many new stitches and techniques. I have also overcome my fear of colour! Yes you read that right! I totally avoided colourful projects as I had no idea how to put them together and the amount of colours involved was a bit to much for me.

I prefer earthy and muted tones to bright colours. Through this challenge I am embracing colour and looking to see how I can incorporate it in my home.

This square in particular is bright and fun and bursting with colour. It is a combination of cluster and double crochet stitches (treble in US terms) also to do the clusters you have to turn your work around and work from the back of the square which is something I have not done before. Overall this is one of many of my favourites squares in this series.

Nadia had great tutorials on YouTube and I have saved them all on my YouTube play list so that I can keep track of which squares I have completed and what is coming up next.

Thank you for reading and catch up with you on the next square.

Vicky 🌼

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