We are addicted to technology…..

This week I have been in a bit of a panic. I have been furiously working behind the scenes, preparing recipes, tips for saving money and crochet projects, but I have not been able to upload the blog posts as I do not have them all ready.

Now I am worried, I have finished the projects but now no one is able to see them? What will happen to those people, will they still be interested in my blog next week when I finally get around to uploading my blog posts? I hope so.

The age of technology has made us all an anxious bunch, we are worried about what we are missing out on and what others could be missing if we are not able to share online. Family conversation has dwindled and everyone at the dinner table is glued to their devices.

With two young adults just out their teenage years this is a regular occurrence at our house, and even after countless begging to get them not to bring their phone or ipads to the dinner table they still do not listen.

I decided rather than protest against this trend I would embrace it! During the day, I look for interesting stories and bring the conversation up during dinner. “I would ask did you see that video about……..?”  Oh, yes” they would reply and actually look up from their phones and then they would show me the videos and funny memes they saw during the day. By the end of dinner we had a good laugh and connected as a family.

I know this is not an ideal way to deal with the problem but it works for us. We laugh now, we talk, we share stories and then surprisingly they started to put their phones down and actually talk without the need to have their phone in their hand! I think I will stick to this as we are enjoying our time together as a family. And I also secretly without them realising get to learn the sites they look at as it will come up in the conversation! Bonus!

Oh and back to my beginning paragraph about not being able to post to my blog. Well now I might have an interesting story to tell about something funny I saw. It will cure my anxiety about not putting up posts regularly and give me time to formulate the posts I want to share with you regarding my work.

Well guys thank you for reading as always. I will get back to my “Welcome Back Kotter” videos I have been watching on Youtube while I clean up the kitchen and other domestic duties I have on my list today! Take a look those videos are hilarious and brighten up my day for sure.


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