Square 15/Day 15 of 365 of Granny Squares challenge by YARNutopia 

Today’s square I was looking forward to as I love an old fashioned looking granny square. Nadia as always put up a really great video tutorial explaining clearly each step. And even though I have probably crocheted hundreds of granny squares I found myself undoing what I did and going back and forth between the video.

Finally after what seemed like forever the penny dropped and I understood how to crochet the square! That will teach me to stay up until 12.30 am when I have to get up at 5 am the next day. I usually crochet my squares at breakfast so as you can imagine my brain was still asleep!

I love the colours and look of the square though and I have preselected and put aside the colours for the next 3 squares that way I can get straight to them. Hopefully in a more wide awake mode!

Happy Wednesday guys and thank you for reading!

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