Square 14/Day 14 365 days of granny squares challenge from YARNuptopia 

Today I finally got to square 14. I really enjoyed making this square. I love the flower and green design and the combination of working double crochet (American term) or in UK and Australian term it’s a treble! and treble again American term and in U.K. Terms a double treble! Also learning how to crochet in the front and back loops only. I also learnt how to crochet a square around a flower motif. 

I recommend these tutorials to anyone. They are so informative and Nadia does a fabulous job in explaining each step. She takes the time to make sure her viewers understand.

I have been crocheting for 4 years but I was not happy with my work so I decided to start again as if I am learning from new. And I am glad that I did as I think the first time I was to much in a hurry to learn everything that I didn’t take the time to learn each step properly.

Hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and thank you so much for reading!

Have a great day everyone!

Vicky 🌼

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