Roast Potatoes 

Preparation time: Approx. 15 mins.

Cooking time: Approx. 45 mins.

Serves 6-8


2kg carisma potatoes 

1 tbl Rock salt

1 tbl chives dried herb

1 tbl parsley dried herb

1/2 cup canola oil


  1. Peel and wash potatoes, leave to drain for a few minutes, then pat dry with a tea towel.
  2. Cut potatoes into bite size quarters, place in a large bowl. 
  3. Sprinkle salt, oil and herbs on top and mix until well coated.
  4. Spray a baking dish with oil spray. Make sure the dish is fairly large or use two dishes if necessary. With tongs place the potatoes into the baking dish and drizzle oil mixture left in bowl onto the potatoes.
  5. Mix again to recoat the potatoes and bake in oven at 180 degrees Celsius for approximately 45 mins. Make sure to mix again as needed during baking. 
  6. Remove from oven and enjoy with your favourite roast!

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Original recipe by : Vickys Handcrafted Designs 

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