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Hi and welcome to my shop. Where you will find a selection of handmade items made by me, Vicky, and some I have sourced from creative designers and artisans.

My love of all things handmade began when I was a child, we have long tradition in our family of handing down handmade items to the next generation. I wanted to recreate that feeling and be able to offer products lovingly crafted by talented designers and makers so that you the customer can treasure them or give them to someone to treasure.

Some items are one off’s and others will be made again, either way you will have a piece of history, and item that was crafted with care and with love. Take the feeling of nostalgia and bring it home with you today!

Thank you for visiting my website. I appreciate the support. Please also note I crochet everything myself so if there is something on here you like but wanted in a different colour or size. You can email me on and I can discuss the details with you.

Thank you again and Happy shopping!


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